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By Dahlia Anderson Verified Review

5 12 days ago

More than just juice..

If you have not yet tried one, I suggest you do so now. Keisha's juice are 100% natural, no additives, no sweetners and they really work on your gut and other issues you may have. 😀
Reply by keisha 1 hours ago
Thank you Dahlia for choosing Keisha Luke Nutrition & Catering. We appreciate your business! Health is Wealth ❤️
By Mnemosyne Verified Review

5 16 days ago

You're in good hands!

Keisha is an amazing individual always on top of things, responsive and warm.
Reply by keisha 2 hours ago
Thank you Dorota for all you do. Keep up the great work! Health is Wealth ❤️
By Indi Verified Review

5 21 days ago

Stop the mind chatter!

5 day juice cleansing was amazing! Keisha caters 100% of the juices to YOU. She walked me through the process each day with so much love. Will do again!
Reply by keisha 21 days ago
You're a warrior who can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Thank you for allowing me to nutritionally assist you on this journey. Keep going. You got this Indi! Health is Wealth ❤️
By Carlton Meyer Verified Review

5 a month ago

Carlton Meyer - 5 day cleanse w/ 1 One Month Meal Plan

Keisha, I cant say enough! your expertise on putting together a juice & meal plan that focused on my symptoms I was suffering from. In addition, on getting the right source of nutrition within the meal plan. The meals were well prepared, on time, and the taste is unquestionable. The gut shot was a life saver! Thank you for the dedication and commitment, for really caring about your client. Taking a more consultative approach, by providing me with the tools in my everyday life. I look forward to ordering more meals!
Reply by keisha 21 days ago
Carlton, Thank you for committing to yourself in really pushing through your own nutritional limitations. I'm proud of how far you've come in 1 month. Keep going!!! Don't Stop!!! Health is Wealth ❤️ Keisha L.
By Dorothy Reid Verified Review

5 a month ago

Dorothy Reid-Grant

As a busy individual, Keisha's meals and juices have been a welcome additions to my healthy eating plan. Her meals are well prepared, tasty, well packaged and easy to reheat and serve. It is easy to tell that she only uses good quality fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. I enjoy the variety of meals available, especially the vegetarian (non-dairy) options. I have tried many different brands of natural juices, and I can say without hesitation, Keisha's juices are 5 STARS. I love the fresh taste and I can taste the specific fruits from which each juice is made. Keisha's direct delivery is always right on time as scheduled. I applaud her professional and caring spirit. I appreciated the time she spent to understand my dietary needs and helped me to make the best meal selections. Thanks Keisha Luke....
Reply by keisha a month ago
You have worked hard on yourself and have invested (in many ways) on yourself, in order to attain your health & wellness goals. It's been a pleasure to be able to nutritionally guide & assist you on this journey. Keep going. Thank you Mama D for your continuous love and support! Health is Wealth ❤️
By Thanos Verified Review

5 2 months ago

Appreciate you!!

Keisha! Thank you for the hard work you put in everyday. Thank you for the consistent quality n’ great taste. Been ridin’ with you for over a year now. Those who I referred to you are also rockin with you for quite some time now. You see the difference in your skin as well as your energy. Most importantly, these juices just taste so good
Reply by keisha 2 months ago
Quality is what we aim to achieve in our juice/ meal delivery service(s) for our clients. Thank you for continuing to choose Keisha Luke Nutrition & Catering. We appreciate you and your business Thanos! Health is Wealth ❤️
By Beth Amare Verified Review

5 2 months ago

Got my health, my energy and my life back!

I can’t say enough great things about Keisha and her service. I’ve been using her meal service for almost 2 yrs now and my life has completely changed. My energy levels improved drastically, my skin cleared up and I lost a few pounds (wasn’t a goal but happy to see it!). Keisha really customizes each plan to your needs and nutrition goals which makes it so easy. I’ve used the juice cleanse a few times and well and highly recommend it as well. I gave myself this gift to enter into my 40th year looking and feeling my best. Keisha has definitely help me accomplish that. I have and will continue to refer new clients to Keisha as she has help change my outlook and relationship with food. Not to mention she has incredibly warm energy and motivates you along the way. Thank you for all you do and you are changing lives! I’m one of your biggest fans 💜💜💜💜
Reply by keisha 2 months ago
It has been truly a pleasure and a blessing to digestively guide you through your nutrition journey Beth. It hasn't been easy and yet, you have achieved so many of your health & wellness goals. You have come such a long way. I am proud of you!!! Thank you for being so awesome ;) Health is Wealth ❤️
By Kamal Shabeer Verified Review

5 2 months ago


You can taste the quality and passion Keisha has in her finger tips that help you realize what the words "refreshed" and "rebalance" truly mean. A knowledgeable and truly professional woman who helped me see the tangible benefit of juice detoxification and how the gut punches (gut shots) can actually be good for you. Thank you for alleviating me of some pounds. Cheers!! Rovin Shabeer
Reply by keisha 2 months ago
Thank you Rovin for your kind and profound words. Happy to Help :) Health is Wealth ❤️
By Patrece Verified Review

5 2 months ago

5 days cleanse Journey

I just want to thank Keshia for helping me on this Journey. The preparation for the 5 days was great and the juices was so good. After my 5 days cleanse my belly was not bloated anymore and i have gain more energy. My experience was great. Keep up the good work that you are doing Keshia God bless you 🙏
Reply by keisha 2 months ago
Truly grateful and happy to have been able to nutritionally and digestively assist you on your detoxification journey- mind, body & soul. It was my pleasure Tracey. God Bless you! Health is Wealth ❤️
By Verified Review

4 2 months ago

My 7Day Juice-cleanse experience

Im happy to report that my overall experience with the 7Day juice cleanse was a good one! The juices taste fantastic and taste is crucial for me. I felt lighter as a result within the first 3 days. My recommendation after doing 7 days, for me anyway, would be to do a 5 day instead and 3day for any future follow up. Day 6&7 were a challenge for me - keep in mind i did little to no solids during this time. I recommend the cleanse and would do it again. Karen
Reply by keisha 2 months ago
Karen, you are a trooper!!! It was a pleasure to be able to guide you via your juice cleanse. Thank you and looking forward to nutritionally connecting with you soon! Health is Wealth ❤️ Keisha L. Culinary Nutritionist Digestive Educator