4 a month ago

My 7Day Juice-cleanse experience

Im happy to report that my overall experience with the 7Day juice cleanse was a good one! The juices taste fantastic and taste is crucial for me. I felt lighter as a result within the first 3 days. My recommendation after doing 7 days, for me anyway, would be to do a 5 day instead and 3day for any future follow up. Day 6&7 were a challenge for me - keep in mind i did little to no solids during this time. I recommend the cleanse and would do it again. Karen

Reply by keisha 29 days ago
Karen, you are a trooper!!! It was a pleasure to be able to guide you via your juice cleanse. Thank you and looking forward to nutritionally connecting with you soon! Health is Wealth ❤️ Keisha L. Culinary Nutritionist Digestive Educator