By Dorothy Reid

5 9 months ago

Dorothy Reid-Grant

As a busy individual, Keisha's meals and juices have been a welcome additions to my healthy eating plan. Her meals are well prepared, tasty, well packaged and easy to reheat and serve. It is easy to tell that she only uses good quality fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. I enjoy the variety of meals available, especially the vegetarian (non-dairy) options. I have tried many different brands of natural juices, and I can say without hesitation, Keisha's juices are 5 STARS. I love the fresh taste and I can taste the specific fruits from which each juice is made. Keisha's direct delivery is always right on time as scheduled. I applaud her professional and caring spirit. I appreciated the time she spent to understand my dietary needs and helped me to make the best meal selections. Thanks Keisha Luke....

Reply by keisha 9 months ago
You have worked hard on yourself and have invested (in many ways) on yourself, in order to attain your health & wellness goals. It's been a pleasure to be able to nutritionally guide & assist you on this journey. Keep going. Thank you Mama D for your continuous love and support! Health is Wealth ❤️