By Carlton Meyer

5 9 months ago

Carlton Meyer - 5 day cleanse w/ 1 One Month Meal Plan

Keisha, I cant say enough! your expertise on putting together a juice & meal plan that focused on my symptoms I was suffering from. In addition, on getting the right source of nutrition within the meal plan. The meals were well prepared, on time, and the taste is unquestionable. The gut shot was a life saver! Thank you for the dedication and commitment, for really caring about your client. Taking a more consultative approach, by providing me with the tools in my everyday life. I look forward to ordering more meals!

Reply by keisha 9 months ago
Carlton, Thank you for committing to yourself in really pushing through your own nutritional limitations. I'm proud of how far you've come in 1 month. Keep going!!! Don't Stop!!! Health is Wealth ❤️ Keisha L.